About Us

About Us

From our own experience we know that sneakerholism is an incurable sickness but regular visits at Warsaw Sneaker Store help ease the symptoms of this disease. Staff of the WS2 will provide immediate relief, happy to choose right kind of antidote. 

Adam - Lifestyle Concept Manager

Piotrek - Brand Manager

Warsaw Sneaker Store / WS2

Kasia - Store Manager

Alek - Salesman

Asia - Salesman

 Dominik - Salesman

Chmielna 20 Lab / CL20

Ania - Salesman

Patryk - Salesman

Kuba - Stock Manager

Warsaw Sneaker Store / chmielna20.pl

Monika - E-commerce Manager

Maciek - Copywriter

Adam - Photographer

Warsaw Sneaker Store
Szpitalna 4
00-031 Warszawa
nr tel.: +48 228289371
e-mail: [email protected]

nr tel.: +48 531789051
e-mail: [email protected]